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Would you make it into high school in 1912? Take the test!

Kentucky in the early 1900s really quizzed its students trying to enter high school. Would you be able to pass? NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.


If you thought getting into college was difficult, try passing the Bullitt County, Kentucky high school entrance exam in 1912. At that time, eight graders were required to pass the test before entering the next level of education. It quizzed students on several topics including reading, arithmetic, geography, and civil government, according to the Bullitt County History Museum.  

How specific could the test be? Check out the sample questions below.

“How many steps 2-feet-4-inches each will a man take in walking 21-4 miles?”

“How many parts of speech are there? Define each.”

“Name and give the boundaries of the five zones.”

“How does the liver compare in size with other glands in the human body? “

“Name three rights given congress by the constitution and two rights denied congress. “

Click here to see the full test here. You can check your answers here, but don’t cheat. 

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