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If it's broke, fix it! Neighbors repair each other's belongings

The Community Glue Workshop is bringing people together to repair their possessions and empowering people to fix their broken items -- instead of throwing them into a landfill. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.

Wednesday on "Nightly News" Kevin Tibbles reported from Chicago where a new movement is budding. In 2012, a group of neighbors decided to stop throwing out their broken things and fix them instead. So when toys, electronics or other items went on the fritz, they ask each other to help repair it, instead of dumping their hard-earned possessions in the trash. 

"I always say we have the power of the hive mind," explained Ally Brisbin, who owns Kitchen Sink Cafe in Chicago. She allows the group Community Glue to use her space at their monthly Fix-It night events.

In a consumer culture where technology evolves at a rapid pace, hundreds of thousands of pounds of electronic waste winds up in the trash every month before store labels even wear off. What happened to the days of fixing and reusing what's broken - instead of replacing it? NBC's Kevin Tibbles asks Mark Domnenko whose business is recycling this consumer e-waste

"People will say, 'Oh I don't have a skill, I can't help fix anything' and I think that's wrong," she said. "I think it's really fun to get like three or four people trying to figure out, 'Why isn't this flashlight working?' and you know, after 20 minutes or so and three people's minds working at it, we get the flashlight working again."

For more information about the Community Glue Workshop, please click here. And to learn about Ava Electronics, an e-Waste collector, please visit their website here

For most people, when a beloved possession breaks, it's an inconvenience. For Ally Brisbin and Carla Bruni in Chicago, it's an opportunity to pull their whole community together and have some fun. Brisbin hosts monthly repair clinics in her café and invites neighbors from far and wide to bring in their belongings that need mending – for free. At these "Community Glue" workshops, neighbors are helping neighbors, and cutting down on waste.