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Cape requests pour in after Heart Heroes appears on 'Nightly News'

An organization that's supplying superhero capes to kids with congenital heart defects received an outpouring of interest after being featured on Nightly News in July. NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.

A quick update on our July 8 story about Heart Heroes, a nonprofit that distributes superhero capes to children with heart defects. After the piece aired on "Nightly News," their website traffic spiked and more cape requests came in than in all previous years combined.

"I think we knew that this story would reach a lot of people and that we would get a lot of requests but we had no idea -- we did not prepare nor expect the barrage of requests that we would have coming in," said Heart Heroes co-founder Sondra Dubas. "I think what we see is that there is such a significant need among heart famlies." 

Co-founder Kitty Burton added, "It's been crazy, but I mean, it's been a good crazy. The feeling that you get from knowing that you've reached out and helped this many people and that you have the ability to send a cape to a child that's going to light up their face and give them strength to get through day-to-day struggles...We're just plugging away trying to get cape requests out the fastest we can." 

Their biggest hurdle right now, however, is finances. 

"Sandra and I have been very blessed to have wonderful people in our lives and we've got great community support. We want these children to have capes and to have them in a timely manner and with that comes a need for donations," said Burton. "And so, I would say right now that's the piece that we need to make this all happen." 

To learn more about Heart Heroes, please visit their website.

Thanks to the big-hearted volunteers at Heart Heroes, children diagnosed with heart defects are better able to face their fears.  NBC's Kevin Tibbles reports.

Kitty Burton and Sondra Dubas, on "Heart Heroes," an organization that provides superhero capes to kids battling heart problems.