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Back to Basics: Take a social media break

By Jane Derenowski
NBC News producer


Giving kids a break from screens was the goal of Seattle-area high school teacher Trent Mitchell. His students were using texting and social media to communicate faster than ever before. That's why Mitchell and the teenagers at Shorecrest High School decided to take a break from that type of technology and try good old-fashioned face to face time.

NBC's Kristen Welker visited the students to talk about their so-called "social experiment." You might be surprised at how stepping away from it all for a few days impacted their lives.

We'll also hear from busy mom Diane Broadnax on how she got her kids away from computers to participate in a once-weekly family night. Here's a hint: it has to do with what's in the oven.

What happens when an Indian nation with a rich history of health and wellness is faced with a diabetes epidemic? Look for the third installment of the Back to Basics series on The Daily Nightly on Friday.

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