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A drama that ended well

Most Americans by now have seen the view from the camera on the Top of the Rock -- the beautiful view from the top of our building.  But this afternoon, on that very same camera, we watched a terrible drama via in-house video: a young man who had climbed over the protective glass and was seated on the edge of the building threatening to go over the side.  He wore an American flag kerchief -- he was dressed in a shirt and tie, jeans and sneakers.  The most amazing thing about it -- and I'll admit it was equal parts hard to watch and difficult to turn away from -- was the NYPD Emergency Services Unit.  The negotiators -- the specialists who are called in (and in this case tethered to the building, but not always) to talk people down and capture them.  When they get involved, most of these situations end safely, and thankfully so did this one.  It was sad, it was harrowing and it was impressive to see New York's Finest doing their finest effort.  Our building is still surrounded by equipment, and the famous plaza was shut down at the height of the drama, with people looking up from the sidewalks.  It was an emotional diversion from the news that still dominates: markets, riots, loss of life.  It's proving to be an eventful summer of 2011.  We hope you can join us tonight.