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Hey, where has he been?

I'm here. I was crestfallen to read a tweet on my Twitter feed last night (yes, I read them...I just don't say anything) that said, in effect: "is this the way it's gonna be?" The tweeter in question was calling me out for my inactivity in this space over the last two weeks.  The Congress special took a lot out of all of us -- several members of our team are still shaking it off.  But that's no excuse.  Forgive my absence and inattention.  Every day around the time I usually post, something has come up.  And today it's bad news from Wall Street: a free fall in the markets largely because of what's happening in Europe (or so we're told).  It's an exciting night around here because my friend Harry Smith is making his on-air debut here at NBC News.  And the relentless drumbeat of news continues from overseas -- very little of it good. So: please forgive me -- I've been reading all the comments and the emails, and we hope you can join us on the broadcast tonight.