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A day in the life

I spent close to 14 hours on Capitol Hill yesterday -- and everyone on our team was there longer than I was.  Our cameras and producers witnessed (and recorded) things never seen on camera before. We arrived on the Hill with a staff of 80 including 30 cameras in all.  We recorded the entire day, during a critical time for the country.  We are in the midst of culling through 75 hours of video -- and distilling it all down to one hour. 

During our first production meeting, I got up and took this photo with my Blackberry today -- many of the folks in the room made the trip from DC to New York  (walking through the Amtrak train at 9 am today, it looked like a staff meeting on rails) and this photo doesn't show half the people working on our Sunday night special.  It's a very impressive group of people -- including some of the best producers, editors and Congressional experts in our news division.  We are awfully excited for the broadcast on Sunday night's Dateline and we hope you will be, too.

First things first: we hope you can join us tonight.