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An amazing reunion

We found out about the 100-year-old doctor Ephraim Engleman featured on tonight's show the way we often hear about stories. Producer Jane Derenowski and I were in San Francisco on other projects and we asked the media folks at the University of California San Francisco what other interesting things were going on in the hope of gathering additional reports on the same trip. They  told us about Dr. Engleman and we jumped at the opportunity.

Until I got the details I did not realize that it was the same physician whose son Ed, who is now a professor of Medicine at Stanford, had been in my high school class. So was his wife Judy and yes, the high school sweethearts are still married. Judy and I were also classmates in college. We also photographed two of the younger scientists Dr. Engleman works with, and one turned out to be Dr. David Wofsy, the son of Dr. Leon Wofsy, who was my thesis advisor in graduate school.

So the project turned out not just to be enjoyable for me, but an amazing reunion.