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They seemed like good ideas at the time

The Nixon Library has done another document and tape release -- we're putting all the raw materials on the Web. Of special note: a memo from Ben Stein, before we knew him as Ben Stein. Wait til you read what he suggests as possible promotional tools for Richard Nixon. Classic stuff.

I spent last night with my family and 80,000 of our closest friends at Giants Stadium in the Meadowlands, witnessing a great rock and roll band.  Four guys from Ireland who first played Jersey at the Fast Lane in Asbury Park. They make a sound unlike anything on earth -- like a beautiful, well-tuned jet engine. It was a magnificent evening. It contained a magnificent tribute to Bruce (who was in attendance) and Clarence. We'd give anything to have the Big Man back. Thanks to Bono for remembering him so fondly. And for making such a beautiful sound. Personally: I look forward to hearing human voices again soon, when the ringing in my ears stops. That's the sign of a good night. Last night was a good night.

We hope you can join us tonight.