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With apologies-- AWOL week at the Daily Nightly


Brian Williams writes:

I have had non-stop meetings and events after work, and what free time I've had has been consumed by news stories this week. I apologize for disappearing from this space -- I'm linking to the saddest article of the day  as I continue to lament and mourn the end of the manned space program. The International Space Station will now no longer be visited by an American spacecraft -- the Russians are our new ride to space -- and to those space boosters who have argued in e-mails that my view is too dire, I ask a series of simple questions: "Where are we going next?" "When?" "In what spacecraft?" Until we have answers:  The United States manned space program is over. As I said on the air a few nights back: my biggest fear is what it might mean for American ingenuity, imagination and exploration. Onward!

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