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A woman to remember

Ann Curry writes:

Sitting at Brian's desk tonight as he attends Betty Ford's memorial, I am remembering how fragile and yet unbreakable she seemed.

An unlikely combination, I know—but that dichotomy is what you felt in the company of this woman, who spoke so fiercely for the rights of women, and also so painfully acknowledged the struggle of her addictions.

I ask myself now: Could she have been as strong as she was had she not faced her vulnerabilities?  Maybe--beyond her legacy of teaching us we can survive breast cancer and alcoholism--Betty shows us the power of letting the unvarnished truth about ourselves light the way for others.

This reminds me of something my Dad once told me, about the tree that bends in the wind being stronger than the one that doesn't.  Betty did not break, despite the odds.  She survived, and so should we.

Here for your consumption is the former first lady Betty Ford being kind to a new reporter at NBC News, who hasn't forgotten the encounter.

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As for today's broadcast, we are, as the British say, chock-a-block.

Brian will report from Mrs. Ford's funeral.  Looks like our lead is about this heat spell that, stunningly, is affecting half of America's population. What is going on with all these weather-related disasters?

The President raised concerns today that unless there is a deal in DC, social security checks won't go out on time.   Is that really possible?

And if you don't know the name Sherwood Schwartz, you will after our broadcast—we'll take you down memory lane as we remind you what he gave us, including "Gilligan's Island" and "Brady Bunch."

Looking forward to the broadcast tonight.