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A giant of American life

Luc Novovitch / AP

Former first lady Betty Ford in 1994.

As anyone in this newsroom will tell you, I've been saying the same thing for years: When the time comes for our country to say goodbye to Betty Ford, I hope she is celebrated as a former President would be.  She had an enormous impact on our country.  Think of it this way: Breast cancer, as a disease, used to be whispered about.  Alcoholism, as a disease, used to be whispered about.  She played a bigger role in social acceptance and understanding of both diseases than any other identifiable individual. She saved countless lives and changed others forever. She was a monument to empowerment. She was a giant of American society. 

Tomorrow it will be an honor to remember her life in Palm Desert, California.  On tonight's broadcast, we'll hear from someone who got an up-close view of her life as first lady. We hope you can join us tonight.