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Rights and wrongs

Two stories in the news today—both of which bubbled up on the web over the weekend—seem to be about civil liberties in a society that depends on uniformed law enforcement to keep the peace and keep us safe. They both make for good reading, good debate, and both stories differ (as is often the case) from the first versions we often hear.

In the first case, a Rochester woman was arrested for videotaping police from her own front lawn. The charges against her were dropped today, but not before a subsequent police action on her street. The other story has to do with a 95-year-old woman and her treatment by the TSA.

And my favorite link of the day may say a lot about our new world. Here's a hint: Read it to the end. It's also helpful to have 1) a memory of a time when people were quoted by name, and 2) a sense of humor. Always essential.

We're back for a new week, and we hope you can join us tonight.