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...and he ain't coming back

Jon Sievert / Getty Images

Bruce Springsteen & Clarence Clemons, Oakland Colisium, Oakland, CA

Clarence Clemons is really gone.  Here's an account of today's memorial service, and reading it removes all hope that the Big Man is somehow going to find the strength to come back and play for us...and pal around with Bruce just like the old days...and show up at the Pony and ask why everyone's so sad...and tell us all there's been a big mistake.  It remains so sad.  Every E Streeter I know is still talking about it, and wondering what the future will hold.  Just today a friend sent me a color copy of his first-ever concert ticket.  And it had me remembering all over again: there were no tickets for the first E Street concert I attended. It was at the Pony, and it was hot and crowded and it was wild and we knew it was something new.  People filed past the stage at the Pony on Father’s Day Sunday like they file past a tomb at Arlington.  Don't let anyone ever tell you it’s just music. 

We hope you can join us tonight.