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The Big Man

I never thought Clarence Clemons would die. Never contemplated it for a moment. Like Bruce, he was a constant. I figured they'd always be around. I figured that sound would always be accessible. But on a sunny Father's Day afternoon, I found myself in the Stone Pony, walking through the bar, looking at the tributes with the other stunned and sad fans. Clarence was a part of life on the Jersey Shore. His bar in Red Bank, his condo in Sea Bright (where I'm afraid my buddies and I might have staked out the door a few times), and all those nights in Trade Winds, the Stone Pony, and a dozen other places where he would show up with his friend Bruce and oblige the crowd by blowing that horn of his. What a giant of a man. What an icon. What a loss. We die-hard E Streeters are all dealing with the same tough question: What are we supposed to do now? Of course, it's not about us at all. This is about loss and legacy and thanks. For the music and the memories and the soul...of the Jersey Shore.

Tributes to the Big Man line the stage at The Stone Pony

The flag flying half-mast at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, New Jersey.


We hope you can join us for the broadcast tonight. We will remember Clarence Clemons.


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