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Here's the deal

We are moving offices. All told, it's probably a move of 400 yards to a different end of our same floor at 30 Rock. And it's a nightmare. Over the last two nights, I've sorted through six years of collected you-know-what. I've found unimaginable treasures, two mouse carcasses (under the corner of a radiator), and I found the watchband I've been looking for going back half a decade. Everything has to be packed and boxed by close of business tonight, as it all gets moved over the weekend, and then on Monday nothing will work and it will feel like the first day of kindergarten. We all have a contact high from the paint fumes in our new space, and cuts on our hands from the occasional broken picture frame or razor-sharp Staples file folder. My assistant Diane has done the work of a longshoreman with the heart of a saint. If this thing works on Monday, I'll let you know how it went. In the meantime, I intend to monitor developments from the Jersey Shore. Have a great weekend. We have something special for you at the end of the broadcast tonight, and I hope you can join us.