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A departure to note

Each night when we come on the air, just off camera, I have what we call the "competition monitors." As soon as I have tossed to our lead story, I look to see what the other broadcasts are doing. For the past five years, Katie Couric has been on one of those two monitors. This will be a big change.

I just called Katie – she is my friend as well as my competitor, and we see each other often. Of course, NBC will always be considered Katie’s home, where Americans got to know her. I'm thrilled for her that she got to experience this terrific television staple and tradition: anchoring one of the three network evening newscasts. She has been...and remains...tough competition. She now moves to a new genre, a new day part.  

I've been fortunate, all these years, to compete against people I admire and respect, and they include people with names like Peter and Dan and Bob and Charlie and Diane and Katie.  All of them superb journalists and towering professionals—they all represent individual chapters in the history of this side of the television business.

I will miss Katie—but Katie isn't really going away. It just means the picture will change once again.

We hope you can join us tonight.