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Bringing it all back

I spent some time today with friends of mine -- people I first met through work -- people I first met because of a national tragedy. They are aides to Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, and we talked about their lives, their work and their boss. That shooting in Tuscon truly is one of the "Where were you when you heard?" moments of the past few years. Oddly, I was coming out of a supermarket when my wife found me and called me with the news -- I sat paralyzed in the car, with the groceries in the back seat, listening to the early news coverage on satellite radio. I later went home and was transfixed by the early television coverage on cable while making preparations to go to Arizona myself.

I first met her staff just days after the shooting, and each day they fight their own private battle...against grief for a former fellow staffer, the struggle to keep up with the work of running a Congressional office without a fully functioning boss, and processing all that has happened to all of them. It was great having them here in New York today.

We hope you can join us tonight for the broadcast.