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High office can be low-tech

In light of the President's comments last night—brought to light by my friend Mark Knoller (which the President didn't intend to share with any of us, but which sound very familiar to complaints he's made privately in the past)— as someone who flew on Air Force One from 1994-1995, I was sometimes amazed while covering the White House at the caliber of the technology surrounding the Presidency.  As we will point out in tonight's broadcast, and as consumers and taxpayers are always surprised to learn: Jet Blue had live satellite TV in its aircraft before Air Force One did.  George W. Bush privately complained to an aide prior to 9/11 that he couldn't successfully complete a cell phone call from the Presidential limousine -- that started a communications and technology review which has continued, on and off, since then.  So be thankful for your cell phone, iPod, Blackberry, iPad and whatever else.  It sure beats running the country.

Have a great weekend and please join us tonight.