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The tyranny of the office candy bowl

Candy bowl at the NBC News front office, stocked by Blair

The destructive power of snacking is the subject of a first-rate piece in the Wall Street Journal -- and one of the staples of our office (and I hope yours) is the candy bowl. My long-suffering assistant Diane stocks ours, and our News Division President's long-suffering assistant, Blair, stocks the bowl in the front office. They used to have better candy, but Diane has raised our game. We now feature (and have to hide) Haribo mini gummy bears in individual packages. I am convinced they are infused with crack- cocaine. The article is maddening in one aspect: control. Just don't do it. No one is victim to a bowl. We are bigger than the bowl. I guess that will stand as my pearl of wisdom for today. We are bigger than the bowl.

Let's quickly move on to more important issues. Among them: news today that the space shuttle is going to land in New York. That's big. Details on Nightly News. We hope you can join us tonight.