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What just happened?

Today we had a board meeting of the Medal of Honor Foundation at a Midtown Manhattan hotel. There we were, the civilians and Recipients who make up the board. The meetings start on time--military precision--and the first order of business is the remembrance of the Recipients who have passed since our last meeting. Their three names were read, along with branch of the service and hometown. Then, our executive director asked for a moment of silence. Oddly and amazingly, it was as if the City of New York heard him. From our perch along a row of windows four stories above bustling 6th Avenue, the cacophony of horns, squealing brakes--all of it--the din of the city seemed to stop to allow us a moment of peace for men who showed great honor and valor in war.

Now I'm back in the newsroom, sitting down to compile Elizabeth Taylor's obituary and get up to speed on our coverage from Japan and Libya.

We hope you can join us tonight.