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Embracing change in New York City

New York changed today.  You never know the date beforehand, but it happens on one specific day every year: The air changed. It was as if summer arrived.  I forced myself to leave the building (actually, I briefly broke free of my schedule reins, after a speech at a hotel across the street, and bolted down 6th Avenue for several blocks before the office found me), and I almost didn't come back.  People were out, basking in the sun, having lunch outside, but generally streaming out of office buildings because they'd heard about the change in the air.  Some wore jackets and scarves out of sheer muscle memory before they realized what was happening.  Others embraced it full-on.  At times, the sidewalks on 6th Avenue were so packed I had to walk in the street.  Some people appeared slightly dazed.  They might just have been hungover from St. Patty's Day. 

Right now the sun is catching a reflection off a windowpane through a tiny, narrow gap in the buildings in our 30 Rock complex and bathing just my newsroom chair in piercing light–the kind of solar bank shot that happens during just this exact moment every year.  I understand it’s possible that I don't get out enough—I enjoy my work and its awfully important stuff these days—but I hope wherever you are, you were able to assign "spectacular" status to at least one moment in your day.

Have a good weekend.

We hope you can join us tonight.