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A visit from a great musician

We hosted Itzhak Perlman in our studio this afternoon.  It was the first quality time I've ever spent with him, and I'm happy to report he's a lovely man.  In addition to being perhaps the most celebrated and gifted violinist on the planet, he is a polio survivor.  He walks with the help of braces and crutches and gets around on a scooter.  After a life of giving a lot to a lot of causes (and mentoring countless young musicians), he has decided to give some more.  Our interview, which will air in coming days, is about his role in the campaign to eradicate polio.  Four remaining nations on earth need to be convinced to organize vaccinations -- and without their help and cooperation, Dr. Salk's dream and invention will be continually diminished.  Itzhak Perlman is working in conjunction with Rotary International to raise money and awareness, and we're hoping our air time will help in that cause.

Finally: The item of the day, thanks to our friends at Gawker.  If you know a hipster in New York, please warn them of the danger.  If they encounter these traps, its best to walk away and report them to the proper authorities.  Again: we're just doing a service here.

We hope you can join us tonight.