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Our crazy, changing city

Holy Hannah...the New York Times is reporting on the web about the discovery of children in Williamsburg, Brooklyn—many of them apparently living inside local buildings with their parents, and travelling via wheeled strollers when outdoors. While the paper has already chronicled the presence of looms, artisanal cheeses, outdoor film screenings, ironed tea towels and vintage block-and-tackles in the Burrough, this is new territory—as was the reporting in the article about snow shoveling and smoking. We'll stay on this.

In the meantime, somewhat lost over the weekend (though chronicled by Lester Holt and Nightly News) was the loss of the very last member of the Band of Brothers. Tonight we'll also remember Jack LaLanne, and we'll cover today's terrorism in Russia and update the treatment and health of Congresswoman Giffords.

Welcome back from the weekend -- we hope you can join us tonight.