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Teddy bears on ice

While it doesn't seem like a natural combination, it’s perfectly natural to see teddy bears on ice in Calgary. Here's the explanation and the video of the day.

If you missed the extraordinarily talented Aloe Blacc on Jimmy Fallon last night, it’s worth seeing.  It was as if he was channeling a young Marvin.

My latest musician profile is now posted on BriTunes:


And thanks to our friends at Gawker, I wanted to get you in on one of the most epic Twitter feeds of all time. One staffer here compared it to a Dostoyevsky novel...but she's really smart and studied Russian in the Ivy League. I just knew that meant "epic."

Finally: While my 12 years in local news taught me valuable lessons about the quality of the work being done at every TV station every day, we have something very special tonight: A story done by one of our local stations that we found so special and emotional, we've chosen to air it.  We can't wait to share it with you, and after it airs and goes up on our website, we hope you share it with someone else this time of year.

Have a great weekend, and we'll look for you right back here next week.