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This is not the most boring day ever

...but we now know what was. According to the internet search engine True Knowledge, the most boring day in modern history was Sunday, April 11, 1954. The front page of the New York Times on the next day (a review of the news...or lack of it...from the 11th) seems to bear that out. The headline includes such shockers as: "PALM SUNDAY THRONGS FEEL PRE-EASTER TINGE OF SPRING" and the classic "WORLD'S RELIGIONS SURVIVE STRESSES OF CLASHING IDEAS," as well as the old chestnut "ANTI-SEMITISM FOUND IN GERMANY; SURVEY HAILS EFFORT TO COMBAT IT."

Here's that front page, and here's how they determined the most boring day ever. Post your own nominees below.

We are having anything but a boring day. As a light rain falls over Midtown Manhattan, crowds are already gathering outside our building for the lighting of the Christmas Tree here at 30 Rock. There are spotlights, police, barricades and at least one fire truck. It's exciting. It always is.