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Assessing the damage of WikiLeaks

Natalie Morales writes: As we go on the air tonight we're just beginning to assess the damage that may be done by the latest document dump from WikiLeaks. Hundreds of thousands of secret – or highly confidential – State Department cables are being released which are not only embarrassing to government officials, but could be very damaging to U.S. foreign relations particularly in this age of war and terror. The website itself is down right now because of a reported denial of service attack, but the information is already front page news around the world, including The New York Times. So what is the potential fallout, and how did the information get out in the first place? Our teams in Washington are covering all the angles for you. 

Also, tonight, we're watching the South Korean coastline where the USS George Washington recently arrived to take part in a joint exercise with the South Korean navy. North Korea says the drills are a "pretext for war" and is warning it will be "merciless" in its retaliation if the activities get too close to its territory.

Meanwhile, on the home front, we're learning more about the 19-year-old allegedly behind the foiled car bomb plot at a Portland, Oregon tree lighting this weekend. According to the FBI, he told the undercover agents he "wanted to commit violent jihad," and helped assemble what he thought was the bomb in 55 gallon drums inside a van.  Today, authorities are also investigating a fire as a possible hate crime at the local Islamic center where Mohamed Osman Mohamud worshiped.

You may be among the millions of Americans making your health insurance elections right now for the new year.  But for so many, despite being insured, going to the doctor means having to pay mostly out of pocket because of sky-high deductibles. That is reportedly making people think twice or even skipping out on doctors visits or wellness checkups because they can't afford it.  One woman's solution: a website that helps you shop around for everything from prescriptions to procedures. We'll take a closer look.

And on this Sunday Night Football evening (Chargers vs. Colts), we'll see how two of San Diego’s players are making a very big difference for young foster kids. 

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