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A humbling in Afghanistan

We begin a series of broadcasts from Afghanistan tonight. I got here last Tuesday and practically from the moment I arrived, I've felt like I have been in the company of giants – quiet humble individuals doing remarkable and selfless things in circumstances I cannot begin to fathom.

Take Jimmy Settles for example. A young Air Force Pararescue jumper from Alaska, who after only 2 weeks in country nearly lost his life to a bullet that pierced the bottom of his rescue helicopter, fragmented, flew through his helmet and pierced the skin just an inch from his left eye. Amazingly he required only five stitches.

But more amazingly, he climbed back in a helicopter the next day, once again putting his life on the line to rescue injured soldiers from the battlefield. Jimmy told me there is nothing more important then being there for his comrades. By the way, the bullet hole in the HH-60 Jimmy was in that day has been left unpatched. Next to it, Jimmy wrote "the one that almost got me," and signed it Jimmy Settles, 11/12/10. A date Jimmy calls his "new" birthday. I'll look forward to seeing you this weekend from Bagram Air Field