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Faith, restored

NBC News President Steve Capus and I over the past two days have met with two groups whose presence literally restores your faith in our population and our ability to tackle problems. Yesterday, it was a visiting group of fellows from the U.S. Army War College. Today it was visiting fellows from Harvard University. Today's group included a combat veteran who was kind enough to remind me that he was a cadet at West Point when I last gave a dinner speech there. He graduated that year, was deployed to Iraq and returned safely, and was here today studying the media/political/military interaction. He is a shining example of our armed forces...and the current University student body. A good two days where faith in the future is concerned.

One favor on another topic: If you're a dog lover like me, and you didn't see Ron Mott's story last night (or simply want to see it again), please do here. What I wouldn't give to be waiting at the bottom of that slide as those little guys come down...

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I hope you have a wonderful weekend... and I hope you'll join us tonight.