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A star in the making

A lot of people in my life are telling me the same thing lately: Try to stop and enjoy life whenever you can. Perhaps they're saying this because I'm going through a particularly busy and breathless period. Earlier today, NBC News President Steve Capus and I were leaving his office to go speak to a visiting group from the U.S. Army War College, when out his window I spotted a passing star. It was a big one...metallic with lights, as big as a person. I ran to the window and discovered: We were witnessing the star get hoisted atop the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree. While the tree has been outside our building for several days, I still haven't made the time to go out and see it. Steve and I paused at the window for at least 15 seconds (maybe that's a bit much...closer to 10) before leaving for our meeting. That was my moment today...at least I had one.

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