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The stuff of science fiction

NBC's Anne Thompson writes in the Huffington Post about her experiences covering the evolving culture of green energy:

An ad campaign does not make coal clean. Only innovation and investment and people working to solve the problem can reduce the amount of pollutants that burning coal puts into the atmosphere. Solar and wind offer partial solutions. But we need to develop the kinds of large-scale batteries that could store enough power to be on-demand energy sources. There is also the issue of transmitting that power from where it is generated to where it is needed. These are daunting obstacles but they also represent the kind of clarion call that brings out the best in the American spirit... creativity and invention. This is the kind of challenge Detroit thrived on for the better part of a century. Change will not happen overnight, but if the same carmaker that brought us the Suburban can also deliver the Volt, real, substantial progress is within the reach of our lifetime.

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