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(Yesterday) was one of those days

Editor's Note: This post was written and intended for publication yesterday...apologies for the delay

You know those days--when something that you depend on everyday without a second thought stops working, and suddenly you're left to think about that "thin line" we're on every day. Witness AOL. A good friend of mine is an AOL customer and relies on them for a big volume of incoming and outgoing email every day. Until yesterday. When the AOL email stopped coming and going. A call to customer service (in Hungary?) was completely unsatisfying, and a call to New York yielded a recording. It said something about how "in an effort to improve your service, some customers will be experiencing a slowdown in service." A brilliant strategy, I thought--way to make people feel like the slowdown is actually a GOOD thing! So anyway, while I can't find anything about it on the web, there's apparently been a below-the-radar AOL slowdown for 24 hours or so--meaning email users are bumping up against call centers and recordings--and in the meantime, they just want their email service. So much for the idea of the internet as a public utility!

Back on dependable, reliable television...we hope you'll join us tonight.