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Un-Supersize Me! Living better with less

This week, Nightly News will feature a series of "Back to Basics" reports about how more Americans are moving away from a "culture of abundance" and toward a more minimalist approach--getting back to basics, in essence, by trading in quantity for quality.

Starting on Monday, we'll focus on three different aspects of this movement: Series producer Jane Derenowski and NBC Correspondent Chris Jansing take a look at ways in which Americans are clearing out clutter; Mike Taibbi introduces us to some people who have successfully reinvented themselves after being confronted with mid-life job loss; and Kristen Welker finds out how to put temporary hold on the fashion fix.

Check back throughout the week for these stories and to find and share tips, read reporter blog posts, and watch web-only expert interviews.

Have any of your own over-stuffed horror stories -- or strategies for living better with less? Share them here!