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On being able to watch...but not talk

Thursdays and Fridays are great in this building--as I've noted before--because when SNL is "in season," you can see selected rehearsals and promos as they happen in Studio 8H. It's great to watch--I'm very excited to see this week's show as hosted by Jon Hamm--though part of the Employee Creed is never to talk about what you see. Starting on Thursday nights, when we exit this building into the night, we often see the first few die-hards, with sleeping bags, on the sidewalk along 49th Street--they are the Super Fans, and they wait days for a scarce few stand-by tickets on the day of the show. Rain or snow, good shows…and clunkers…they are the stalwarts. By the looks of rehearsals, they won't be disappointed come 11:30 Eastern time Saturday night.

We have a number of the members of our political team here in New York tonight--so it's been a day of catching up and talking politics. We hope you can join us tonight.