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Surfacing in Los Angeles

After missing two weekday posts--last Thursday and Friday--and traveling to Chicago and now to Los Angeles, I'm back. I'm in LA to take part in Maria Shriver's Women's Conference in Long Beach over the next few days. Our broadcast will originate from our Los Angeles Bureau tonight.

Two things to bring to your attention: A harrowing story of "the use of electronics" on board an aircraft, which will be of interest to anyone who flies a lot--and some new music obsessions. They are:

“Green Lights” by Aloe Blacc
“Old Fashioned” by Cee Lo Green
“Johnny, Johnny, Johnny” by Kitten
“Jimmie Rodger's Dream” by Elton John & Leon Russell
“The Mash” by Thundamentals
“The Poet” by Ryan Bingham

That should hold you over for a few days. Warning: Cee Lo's music gets stuck in your head. In a great way. He's one of the great soul singers of our time, who too few people know by name.

We'll see you tonight from LA. Tons of election coverage... we're getting close now--under 200 hours to go! We hope you can join us.