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Making a Difference gets its very own theme song!

Remember that '70s hit song "Smokin' in the Boys Room"? Well, the boys of Brownsville Station--the band behind that classic rock hit--are back...and they've written a song inspired by our very own Making a Difference series.

It's called, naturally, "Make a Difference," and you can listen to it here:
The inspiration for the song was NBC Correspondent Ron Mott's recent feature on a Christian church in Memphis, Tennessee that invited a Muslim congregation next door to worship in their church while a new mosque was being built--just as the controversy surrounding the planned Islamic center near Ground Zero in New York was reaching a fever pitch.

One of the members of the church congregation was Henry Weck, the original drummer for Brownsville Station. After seeing the below report, he and bandmate Michael Lutz were inspired to produce the song.