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Stop reading this and download this song

Do you want a song that will kick you down the stairs? And then, at the bottom of the stairs (you still can't believe you went down like a ton of bricks -- like a rag doll -- like a bag of donuts), when you finally get yourself together and stagger to your feet, it walks up to you (you're almost whimpering at this point) and it hits you with a bat. And you're thinking: "Whoa, where'd you get a bat?"

That kind of a song.

Here it is: TIME IS ON MY SIDE

By Irma Thomas and Allen Toussaint

This classic, contained on the killer soundtrack of the killer HBO series "Treme," is a playground -- a canvas -- for an American original, the great Ms. Thomas and her incredible instrument of a voice. It was overshadowed by the Rolling Stones version of the song, but Irma Thomas's vocal performance is incredible. While you're at it, download other songs from the "Treme" soundtrack.

We're originating from our NBC News Washington Bureau tonight, as I came here to participate in a forum. We hope you can join us tonight. Download that song.