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An education

My wife and I went to see the new documentary film "Waiting for Superman" Friday night, and since then we've talked about little else. The film, which offers a compelling look at the crisis in American education through the experiences of five students, is a conversation-starter about something we need to be talking about – the state of our schools and what to do about it.

We at NBC News are starting our own such conversation today called "Education Nation." Hopefully these discussions will lead to ideas and action. I'll be anchoring tonight's Nightly News broadcast outside 30 Rock from what we are calling "Learning Plaza," as we begin our initiative to explore what is, and what is not working in the U.S. education system. Brian Williams kicked things off earlier today with a spirited town hall meeting. If you're in the neighborhood this week we invite you to drop by and see some of the interactive education-themed exhibits we've set up on the plaza. We certainly hope you will also stay with NBC News programs throughout the week as we explore our education nation.