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Not to single anybody out, but...

Okay you guys—this is personal today, just to my most loyal readers and posters: Jackie, you've embarrassed me. How many times do I have to ask you not to read my home town newspaper, the Asbury Park Press? Thanks, however—any honor is a great honor—and any honor makes me wonder all over again why I'd ever be honored in the first place. And Cary—you are so nice to say what you did about music. You've stumbled upon my #1 stumbling block preventing me from posting more about music...while I love music and could not live without it, isn't it the most subjective thing in the world? Are any two of us going to agree on any one "great" song, album or artist? Or even genre? I just had this discussion at dinner last night: There isn't enough time in life to listen to all the great music, and more of it is being created every day. But...since you asked, I will make this rare exception and tell you (and only you) what's been going on: I listened to all of the new Neil Young last night, thanks to the superb NPR Music site, which I confess is a new discovery for me. By the end I wished he'd had one or two more instruments, but I love Neil. I'm currently stuck on Florence and the Machine (especially the "Dog Days Are Over") I love Hawk's "Come Undone," and I'm still wading through the substantial and exciting new Arcade Fire. Ray LaMontagne's "Aching all the Time" is a gem, as is Frally's "La." I love Lissie, big time, and the new one has an interesting departure for her called "Big Sleep"—it’s way more produced than her first releases. I remain hopelessly addicted to her big three: "Here Before," "Wedding Bells," and "Everywhere I Go." And for Shins fans, there's a very raw, live version of "Phantom Limb" on the iTunes Live Session collection.

See what you've done, Cary? Now I expect a review. Remember: I have weird taste...it’s all over the place.

Back to the day job: I hope you can join us tonight. All of you!