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Questions for discussion

1) Why do people say to Bob Woodward, "What's that? You're writing a another book and you'd like us to invite you into our meetings and inner sanctum? Hell, yes, Bob! Get in here! How soon can we start on this little project of yours? (Author's note: I'm not complaining here, mind you—as a lover of history, it's important that the stories of our time get told, by multiple sources in multiple places—it's just that the collateral damage is always high, and, as if on cue, people are expressing surprise.)

2) Does everyone who is visiting the U.N. gathering here in New York really need a motorcade? Here's an old theory that you often hear in Washington: What if we just put these officials in a cab, or a Toyota Tercel with a mismatched right rear quarter panel? Wouldn't that attract less attention?

3) Do we believe the latest Titanic "revelation"? Is it possible that we wouldn't have come across this detail before now, given the exhaustive research and scholarship that has gone into the sinking of the Titanic?

As I say, questions for discussion.  We hope you can join us tonight on the broadcast.