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The show up above

Our local WNBC Meteorologist Janice Huff gets a big public thanks today: Last night on the 11pm broadcast, she told viewers of this week's special event in the heavens. She recommended that people "go outside and look straight up" to see Jupiter making its closest approach to Earth since 1951. I took her advice: I went out, and looked up, and even amid the lights of Midtown Manhattan, it was beautiful.

And I want to take advantage of this post to correct an omission that's been bothering me. On our broadcast back on Friday, June 4th, I was very excited about some amateur astronomer video that showed Jupiter impacted by a fireball. It was great stuff—and the only thing I omitted when writing the item was the name of the man who took the spectacular pictures. Since I like to credit hard work wherever and whenever possible: Our thanks and apologies to Christopher Go. His pictures were seen by Nightly News viewers that night, and we appreciate it! He wrote me a while back and today seems to perfect time to give credit where credit is due.

Back on earth: We hope you can join us tonight.