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Blown-out BP well killed

There was a time early in the summer when we wondered if the oil might flow forever. Today however, we are told the BP oil well in the Gulf of Mexico is dead. Killed. No longer a threat to the Gulf of Mexico. Of course no oil has escaped the well since mid-July, but today's announcement by BP that the well casing has been permanently plugged with cement brings this chapter of this awful tragedy to an end. The cleanup, the repair to the environment, the settlement of claims, and issues of culpability remain to be settled. The long-term impact to the Gulf and the people who make their livings in the region is impossible to measure. My colleague Anne Thompson, who has been covering this story from the beginning, will be on the broadcast tonight to talk about the recovery and what happens now.

About the time we come on the air Hurricane Igor will be on final approach to Bermuda. The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is there, and we're crossing our fingers conditions will allow him to safely bring us a live report from there.

We'll also let you hear what Sarah Shroud, the American freed from Iranian captivity had to say at a news conference here in New York today. Her comments were no doubt carefully measured given the fact Iran still holds her fiancé and another colleague. While she offered praise and thanks to Iranian authorities she firmly denied the accusation that they were spies. In the meantime Iran has thrown a new wrinkle into the fate of the other two and we'll have more on that on tonight's program.

I hope you can join us for the Sunday edition of NBC Nightly News.