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An uneasy shell game

I was craving an omelet and there were 3 eggs left in the refrigerator this morning, but the carton they originally came in was nowhere to be seen. What to do? Toss 'em, or eat 'em? Thankfully my wife assured me they came from a farm here in the Northeast, which is not a source of the salmonella contaminated eggs identified in the widening egg recall. But no one should reach for an egg right now without first checking to see where it came from. The number of eggs recalled over possible salmonella contamination now tops half a billion, and over a thousand people have been sickened by tainted eggs. We've listed the brands in question here on the Nightly News website. We've also invited a government doctor from the FDA to come on with me the broadcast tonight to answer the questions many of you have about this outbreak.

We're also following the strange legal turn of events surrounding the man behind WikiLeaks, the web site that recently published secret U.S. government documents about the war in Afghanistan. He was accused of rape today by Swedish authorities, who quickly turned around and declared there was no basis for the charge. He's still not out of legal hot water, however, and there are questions about the timing of the legal scrutiny given his web site may be about to release more secret war documents. We'll have a lot more on this tonight.

The mention of bed bugs sparks a shudder among many of us, especially here in New York where the biting critters are showing up in more and more places. But we're not alone. NBC's Tom Costello takes a look at how bed bug outbreaks are popping up across the country.

Finally a note of thanks to my colleague Kate Snow for filling in for me last weekend while I enjoyed some vacation time with my family.

It's nice to be back. I'll look for you tonight on NBC Nightly News.