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Farewell to another great warrior

We've said goodbye to far too many of them of late, and I'm hoping you saw Lester Holt's remembrance of Nicky Bacon on Saturday's Nightly News. Nick was a kid from Arkansas who went to fight in Vietnam. For his actions in combat, he was awarded the Medal of Honor. He was modest, plain-spoken, smart, selfless...and he was great company. Nicky knew he was sick—he's known it for a long time—and he took a realistic view of his treatment and his prognosis (which surprised no one) and decided on the plan that allowed him to live as much of his remaining life as he could. He faced his disease with the same confidence and courage he employed in firefights in Southeast Asia. Please take a moment to read his biography and his quotes about life, fighting and aging in the Washington Post obituary, and please join me in keeping his family and his memory in your thoughts and prayers. With the death of Nick Bacon, there are now 88 living Medal of Honor Recipients.

We hope you can join us for tonight's broadcast.