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Heating up

If you're suffering in the heat today here's an interesting fact you can use when someone asks "is it hot enough for you?" According to the National Climatic Data Center, the period from January to June was the warmest six months on the planet since records were first kept. This current heat wave blankets a big part of the country this weekend. Here in the east it's that wicked combo of heat and humidity, while the west is baking in a virtual dry oven with temperatures in some spots reaching into the triple digits. I found myself fantasizing about winter today, which is a sure sign the heat is getting to me (in January I'll be blogging about the joys of July). We'll have more on the heat on tonight's broadcast.

We're of course also keeping tabs on the undersea drama in the Gulf of Mexico. A lot of eyes are keeping watch on that new containment cap over the ruptured well, and so far all the readings look good -- meaning no signs of leaks. We'll update the operation and look ahead at the next major challenges in this disaster.

Remember all those pets that needed homes after Hurricane Katrina? The oil crisis threatens to create a similar predicament for those suffering economic hardships in the Gulf and our Michelle Kosinski will share some of those heart breaking stories on tonight's program.

Thanks for checking in. We'll look for you tonight on NBC Nightly News.