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Cancer advance

There's been a dramatic breakthrough in the fight against the deadliest form of skin cancer. According to our Chief Science Correspondent Robert Bazell, it's the kind of advance in cancer treatment we may see only every 5 or 10 years. Bob will be on the program tonight to tell us exactly what it is, and to introduce a man who got a new lease on life because of it.

Here on day 47 of the oil crisis, BP says that funnel device they put over the leak is diverting some of the oil to surface ships, but in relative terms it's a virtual trickle. Meantime we'll share new pictures of more birds caught up in the spill.

Tonight we'll also remember legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden and the three rules he insisted his players live by. They may seem old school by today's standards, but the payoff was one of the most remarkable records in college sports history.

Thanks for checking in. I hope you can tune in tonight for NBC Nightly News.