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It's so bad...you can't look away

We're all allowed to try to relax and have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, but it will be hard, for some of us, to extract ourselves from the "mode" of following each and every development in the spill in the Gulf. I asked Chris Colvin of our staff to suggest the best links to follow the latest information and live feeds, and here they are:

Spew cam, direct link to BP's site

Deepwater Horizon Unified Command website

Good comment threads on live spew cam activity. Full disclosure: They are "Peak Oilers" in normal times

NOLA.com oil spill blog

Houston Chronicle's energy blog

Blogger with attitude, aggregating news and rumors

Google oil spill response page (with link to PBS Newshour running commentary thread)

In the meantime, we hope you can join us tonight -- please have a good weekend, and we'll look for you back here next week.