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Daily Nightly 2.0

Almost five years to the day since we first launched the Daily Nightly, we present a new and improved Daily Nightly blog. You’ll still be able to find Brian Williams’ regular posts, behind-the-scenes info on Nightly News reports, as well as related links and more – but all on a better (and better-looking!) platform.

We welcome your comments – but please, stay on topic! We hope to continue to cultivate a community of Nightly News viewers who are interested in the stories we’re covering. If you want to send general feedback, story tips or have a question about Nightly News, please visit the About Nightly News page for contact information.

There are new features worth telling you about on this blog:

To see more of a post, just click the "Show More" label. There's a "Share" feature for each item that lets you send Daily Nightly links to your friends via e-mail, Twitter or Facebook.

To read comments, just click on the link in the blue box at lower right. You’ll need a Newsvine profile to post comments to the blog – but you’ll no longer have to wait for comments to be approved by a moderator. We will count on you, our Daily Nightly readers, to keep the discussion thoughtful and civil. Please flag inappropriate posts for removal – especially those that are off-topic and attacking others. You can do that by clicking on the ! symbol next to the post. As with any blog and Daily Nightly, blog editors reserve the right to delete posts.

Other bonus features – you can now sign up to get e-mail alerts for when new items are posted.

You can learn more about Newsvine here. Tell us what you think of all these changes. We’d love to hear from you.