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A deadly storm

By Lester Holt, NBC News anchor

We knew at the start of the day that the conditions were ripe for tornados in parts of the South. By midday, our fears were realized when a very large tornado took aim at the town of Yazoo City, Mississippi, killing at least two people, leveling buildings and severely damaging a chemical plant. NBC's Charles Hadlock reached the town a short time ago and called into the newsroom saying, "everything looks like a lumber yard right now. I can't see beyond the ridge, but all the trees have been shaved away." Charles will come to us live from the city tonight. Meantime there is still a risk of more violent weather in the region throughout the evening. We'll have full coverage on Nightly News.

We will also look at the macabre option given to a death row inmate in Utah: How does he choose to die? By lethal injection or firing squad? Jeff Rossen will explain why he's been given the choice.

I hope you can join us tonight for NBC Nightly News.