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Items from the white board

Brian Williams, anchor and managing editor

So we have this white board in our conference room. Our conference room, by the way, has all the ambiance
of the Bellevue Hospital ER Waiting Room, but that's a subject for another time. The white board is a place for story ideas—not the big stuff to which we have correspondents assigned (volcanoes, presidents, and the like) but the smaller, more optional items—that many nights are my favorite elements of the broadcast, and certainly the most fun to write and deliver.

Because I'm unsure how many of our "white board" stories will make it on air tonight, I nonetheless want to share them with you. They are:

Queen Elizabeth's baby pictures

Ronald Reagan and James Dean on screen together

Lightning in the volcano

And the new 100 dollar bill

So there you have it.  More from the white board in the weeks ahead.